Grade Registration

Cobequid Educational Centre does online registration for its current Grade 10, 11 and any Returning Grad students. All Grade 9 students from our feeder schools in Truro, Bible Hill, Central Colchester and West Colchester Junior High Schools also complete registration online. If you are neither attending CEC at this time, nor a grade 9 student from one of the aforementioned feeder schools, you will have to pick up an application form from Student Services at CEC, and return it no later than the end of March, for the following school year, to have a better chance of getting the courses you select. A student, upon registration, will select at least two courses as second choices, in case their first choice is not possible (due to scheduling problems, or over capacity).

NOTE Transfer Students within CCRSB: If you are a student within the CCRSB school board, attending another school in our district, you must apply for a transfer, before permission can be given to attend CEC. The sooner you start planning for your next school year, the better we can serve you.

NOTE Full or Partial IB Students:
Any students registering for Full or partial IB courses, must do so with Ms. Pynn-Crowe, during lunchtime registration sessions, in Room 19.