Useful Scholarship Websites is part of the SchoolFinder Group.The site has been helping students find scholarships since 1997.Their mission is to help students realize their dreams.They do this by making it possible for students to attend the school of their choice without being limited by the cost. The website lists all relevant scholarships and bursaries free of charge. They endeavour to update each listing on an annual basis. Students are matched to scholarships and bursaries when they create an account. In addition to matching, provides additional resources such as Scholarship Deadline Alerts. These are available in the Dashboard. is an extensive, searchable database of scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You’ll also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning.

StudentAwards is a searchable database of scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, grants and other financial awards available to Canadian students.

CanLearn offers valuable information about savings plans, student loans, grants and scholarships.

Education and training offers extensive information on bursaries, grants, scholarships and employment opportunities available to students.

International scholarships has information on scholarships available to Canadians and non-Canadians studying in Canada and abroad.