The Olive M. and R. Trueman MacIntosh Memorial Education Scholarship

The Olive M. and R. Trueman MacIntosh Memorial Education Scholarships

Robert MacIntosh established scholarships to honour his parents, Olive M. and R. Trueman MacIntosh. Olive was a school teacher and Trueman was a prominent business man who gave generously through community service, including as a chairperson for the Truro School Board. They valued learning and service to the community. The MacIntosh scholarships are open for all learners pursuing post-secondary studies, such as study in a trade, at a community college, at a career college, or at a university. The intention of these scholarships is to create the opportunity to make a significant difference in students’ lives (with strong financial need being a major determining factor). The actual monetary value of these scholarships is flexible and will depend on the winners’ financial needs and cost of post secondary training. Four scholarships, valued at $10,000 a year, will be awarded  and carry the potential to be renewed for a second year.

Who can apply?
Any graduating CEC student who…

**will benefit from significant financial support
* has been a resident in the province of Nova Scotia for at least two years
*is pursuing post secondary studies
*is in good academic standing
*has high personal standards

The scholarship is intended to benefit the students’ community by supporting post secondary
learning. The scholarship is intended to be open to all learners, however, at times, preference may be given to students pursuing studies in education or business related fields.

Special Note:
A student enrolled in a program with more than 12 months of study shall be considered for a second year renewal of the scholarship if the recipient returns to CEC (August) with evidence of the following criteria:
• Proof from the educational institution of enrollment for the second year
• School transcript with a B average

How to apply
1) Complete application form provided here: MacIntosh Application 2022
2) Applicants must write a letter to the CEC Scholarship and Awards Committee. The letter should detail why the applicant is a good choice for a MacIntosh Scholarship. A “good” applicant is one who can convince the committee that the winning of this award can impact the student and their community in a significant way.(Community can be interpreted in a broad sense. It can mean family or it can mean the actual geographic community in which the applicant resides.) The letter should detail the applicant’s commitment to education and should provide the committee with insight into the character of the applicant. It is the applicant’s job to convince the committee they are an excellent choice for such an investment in their future.

3) Applicants must include a photocopy of their letter of acceptance in a post-secondary program. Special Note: If applicant has not applied to a post secondary institution because enrollment has not seemed a possibility due to the prohibitive cost of the program, the applicant can include a photocopy of the proposed program with the relevant financial information included.

4) Applicants should include a resume that details school and community involvement and employment.

5) Applicant must provide 3 letters of reference. Only one letter can come from a CEC teacher regarding academics. The other two letters of recommendation can not be family members. Referees can be coaches, employees, mentors, group leaders etc (these referees may include a CEC staff member in that capacity). Reference letters should attest to the applicant’s commitment to education, perceived determination to be successful, strong character, good community standing, and financial need.

6) To be eligible for this scholarship you must submit a copy of your parents/guardians 2020 Income Tax Statement of Income (Need to be able to see line 150) to Mr. Shreve (Student Services) for verification by April 1st , 2022. Gross and Net income amounts will be copied on the application form by Mr. Shreve and utilized by the Scholarship and Awards Committee only. Parents may convey other pertinent financial circumstances on the space provided on the application form.

Deadline to submit ALL completed Forms for your Application, to be considered for the MacIntosh Scholarship is  April 4th at 3:15pm.

Please return your complete application with supporting documents to  Student Services.

Applications will be reviewed by the CEC Scholarship and Awards Committee