Personal Counselling:
Student Services deals with physical, mental, and emotional health issues. As needed , we provide short term counselling for individuals, group counselling, relationships and/or Crisis Intervention.

Academic Counselling:
Student Services provide help for students making decisions for their future. For example, we provide help for: registration, course selections, course changes and progress interviews.

Post-Secondary Counselling:

Student Services explore future career options with students. Assistance is provided to explore different occupations. University and college selection and applications, letters of recommendation, admissions and awards consultation are available in Student Services. For career planning resource information visit or (for a password see one of the counselors)

Career Counselling:

Student Services now has a Career Kiosk. It will serve as a resource for all teachers when students are working towards career-related curriculum outcomes. is a vibrant, visual, engaging starting point for career exploration and planning, providing education, labour market, and career-related information from a range of sources, including the website. Students will also be introduced to online resources the Department has purchased for school use, including Career Cruising, Jobs People Do, and annotated EBSCO resources. will be refreshed regularly with featured careers and career videos, and career planning tools for students and for teachers.