Schools Plus

CEC Schools Plus Team:

SchoolsPlus Facilitator – TBA

Community Outreach Worker– Shawna Umlah,


(902) 673-5550

Schools Plus Clinician – Mel Davidson, MSW, RSW

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Please Contact Morgan Rau for Information at


What is Schools Plus?

SchoolsPlus is a program designed to help families and youth navigate the different systems (Health, Education, Justice and Community Services) and resources in the community in order to get the services they need to meet their needs. The SchoolsPlus Facilitator and Outreach Worker act as a liaisons between the school and the community and advocate, coordinate, and expand services for students and families.

Working with community partners SchoolsPlus offers and promotes an array of programs and services at CEC, which may include:

• Outreach, mentoring programs
• Employment support
• Educational groups, (Anxiety groups, grief and loss, Options to anger, Adventure base learning)
• Case Conferencing
• Clinical Support
• System Navigation
• Linkage to services

How do Families Access SchoolsPlus?

SchoolsPlus is open to all students at CEC and referrals to the program can be made by; the principal, vice principal, guidance, teachers, or from the student or families themselves. To make a referral or to get more information about SchoolsPlus you can contact any member of our team or visit